Project Description

A ‘moment of truth’ is a critical or decisive time, at which one is put to the ultimate test. . .

Here to inform and connect creative based individuals and businesses around the globe.

This project, ‘moments of truth,’ began as a step toward generating a method to life focused on contributing creative efforts to society. The title for this project found inspiration by a phrase often uttered in the Fort Mason printing studio by printmakers I looked up to. Arrival of the crucial moment would be declared just prior to kissing inked plate to paper through the press.

So I set out on the road to find people living their daily life in a creative focused fashion and ask them some questions. These questions were those I imagined could help inspire others as well as myself. What have you always wanted to ask your favorite creative individual? What is it to be creative? What drives us human beings to create something new and different, altering our surroundings? What am I missing? Obviously this is a work in progress with anticipation of others contributions via comments, messages, suggestions and anything else that may arise.

If you can put me in contact with someone you think has some creative things going on and they’d like to share, I’d love to interview them. Post a comment or shoot an email to

Stage 1:
To challenge myself on this pilgrimage of sorts, I set the restriction to travel with only what can be carried while touring on a Honda Nighthawk motorcycle. You know, the most basic supposed essentials: sleeping bag, socks and draws, tools, the digital recorder, some paper, colored pencils, etc. The next five month leg of this tour will take place on the west coast from Seattle, through Oregon, California, down to Oaxaca, Mexico.
*(Note, Stage 1 travel has been completed; that is, Andrew Crum managed to spend 9 months out of 12 getting lost in the landscape of Northern America Continent)

Stage 2:
Currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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If you’d like to follow my personal rantings


If you find the cause of this project worthy, your financial support is greatly appreciated to help me keep this up. If not, let me know what would make it so. Thank you. If you know how to post the html code for the button on WordPress without their system altering it please let me know. To make the donation, please take the extra step to stop by momentsoftruth_wordpress. I apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to resolving this issue very soon.

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26 responses to “Project Description

  1. Nice Gold Duster…. It was fun as hell to roll in that thing again listening to loud rap music….
    Oh yeah, why dont you get this damn thing off the ground you wingnut???? Get to it my cracker!!

  2. andru, kamusta na?
    your bloggie blog is well put together. the interview is well written, but maybe some photos of joji’s work would have been nice.

  3. True, I blew it on that. When I was at his place I wasn’t prepared. He lives in Brooklyn and I didn’t even get to interview until my last night. Next time. It’s a learning experience. Thanks for stopping by! Mabuhay! !

  4. another interview? you’re on a roll compadre.
    i’m gonna have to come back to this one and read the whole thing. right now i gotta go and paint, paint,paint…

  5. Hi Andruuuu,
    Uuuuuu da man. I especially liked the hostel roof, the dog, the skulls, and the night pictures. Have a safe trip home.

  6. Hi there. We met at Club 222 the other night. I’m the chick w/ the dreads who chatted you up at the bar. Anyway, here’s my email…let me in on the cool happenings around town. Chat soon!


  7. Hola Andrew Crum , quiero felicitarte por tu proyecto momentos de la verdad , me gustaria poder intercambiar ideas ,un amigo que lo conocio en oaxaca , me dio su tarjeta pues ya que le comente que tenemos un proyecto sobre artesanias y promover lugares de mexico.
    yo soy de Zapotitlan salinas puebla mexico .
    no hablo ingles.

  8. hey man,

    could i get a copy of Larry “The Pimp”? He loves photos of himself, has a huge collection with all kinds of people. a simple email and I can print out a 4×6 for him. He’s not so big on quality just having it.

    Good looking out btw… did you happen to take any crowd shots?


  9. Hey Andrew,

    It’s just Amazing. Really the kind of a thing I am looking for. It will be a great fun browsing through this link and trust me I never got it through searching.

    If you find more of the kind post it there and the other links in that post are also interesting. I think I’ve started a thing for artists in CS.

    Happy to come back….

  10. hey
    je suis une artiste du peintre et maintenant je étudié les arts appliquée et si il y a des monde la qui y a une idée su sa il peu me contacté avec moi :)

  11. hey andrew, don’t know how to email you, but i haven’t forgotten how nice it was to chat with you, either. like i said…i have a person for you to talk to. her name is meredith. she lives in colorado, but is actually heading to SF for grad school soon. maybe your same school, i can’t rembember. here’s her website, and i told her about you, so…at your leisure.

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