Time to begin

Welcome to Moments of Truth. This project, ‘moments of truth,’ is a first step toward creating a life focused on contributing creative efforts to society. The title was inspired by a phrase often used in the Fort Mason printing studio by printers I looked up to. They would say it right before putting the plate to paper through the press. This phrase kept coming to mind while searching for a holistic title that could represent this effort. I am stepping away from the easy made paycheck of just showing up to a job that means nothing to me and doing the minimal possible to just get paid. Sure, lots of people have their reasons for just going with the flow and working to make ends meet. This is in no way meant to put them down. If everyone went off and did their own thing, hell, I don’t know but maybe the world would actually be a much better place. Maybe not. My goal is to dig my claws into those folks who are pursuing creative endeavors to the fullest. This is like my ‘moment of truth.’ To attempt a paraphrase of Joseph Campbell’s famed words, those people following their bliss. What is it to be creative? What drives us human beings to create something new and different, altering our surroundings?

Essentially, I have quit my job / altered my career path (semantics, HA) to dedicate my time to travel around to meet and interview what I will refer to as creative individuals. Of course this means the traditional perception of artists, musicians, writers, but I also want to meet people that have a passion for something that could be as mundane as cooking or whatever and put themselves so deep in it that what they create goes above and beyond the average.

The current outline for these interviews I envision revolving around three basic elements: background history, inspiration, and the technical. What is it that inspires these folks to do what they do? Are they enjoying life? What can be gleaned from them and applied to my life? The creation of this blog is to share what I learn, because I am going to do this regardless. It is like my quest or something, to discover how others follow their bliss before I can feel justified to completely dedicate myself to my creative inspirations. We will see how it evolves from there.

I appreciate all subscriptions to this web log and hope it can be life changing. Check in regularly to read the latest interviews. Audience feedback is essential to help develop and expand on this research experiment into the creative process. What questions would you like to ask your favorite creative individual? What am I missing? I will try to keep the flow of posts as steady as possible. Obviously this is a work in progress. To challenge my self on this pilgrimage of sorts I have set the restriction to travel with only what can be carried while touring on a Honda Nighthawk motorcycle. You know, the most basic, like sleeping bag, socks and draws, tools, the digital recorder, some paper, colored pencils, etc. The next five month leg of this tour will take place on the west coast from Seattle, through Oregon, California, down to Oaxaca, Mexico. If you can put me in contact with some one you think has some creative things going on and they’d like to share I’d love to interview them. Post a comment or shoot an email to momentsoftruth.wordpress@gmail.com or join in on the experience by connecting to myspace.com/momentsoftruth_wordpress.


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